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March Meet the Maker: The Studio

Updated: Mar 4

March is Meet the Maker month.  I thought I’d introduce the studio, the teachers, and the other creative souls who bring their energy and creativity to this transformed space.


First up: meet the studio.  When we bought our farm in Tumalo, the studio was a pole barn used mainly for farm storage.  It took just a bit of imagination to see what it could become.


With a lot of help and work, the space was transformed into a light, open, creative studio. We built work tables, added wheels and kilns. And with that saying, "if you build it, they will come," we were off.

My first classes had about three people in them, then 3 built to 6 and 6 to 10.  We had dates nights, beginning wheel throwing, workshops, outreach, and more.  Then covid happened and the studio went quiet.


However, everything cycles, and the world moves on.  The studio reopened, we rebuilt classes and gained momentum.  Some of my first students became teachers in the studio and others started to sell their work.  New people brought their enthusiasm and creativity to classes, and the studio had new life. I marvel at the creative energy and work that fills the space.


My goal has always been to create a fun and creative space to share my passion with others.  I love how the studio is thriving now with all sorts of makers.  I can’t wait to see how this all progresses.


In the coming days, I’ll introduce my teachers and some of my students.


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