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Just Try It - Amazing Strides In Throwing on the Pottery Wheel.

Kara and I had an evening Just Try It class last night. We had five aspiring potters come to try their hand at the pottery wheel. I will admit that this is a skill based art and there are a lot of steps involved in creating pieces on the wheel. That said, I'm always amazed how my students go from barely being able to control the clay to creating five bowls by the end of the first class.

Throwing can be challenging, meditative, creative, and so much more. There are many techniques to successfully throw a pot. The way I or Kara throws is not going to be the exact way each student throws. We try to show as many ways to throw so students can pick the technique that works for them.

By the end of the night most of my students are successfully centering and starting to gain control over the steps of the process. It is always fun for us to see the progression. We look forward to the next week where we will embellish and trim the bowls.

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