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Building Community in Central Oregon

Updated: Mar 4

One of my goals when I started the Tumalo School of Pottery & Craft was to bring clay to the community. We did this last Friday as we brought air dry clay to Tumalo Community School and the 3rd grade classes made pinch pot animals with both real and imagined pets.

One of my members, Judi, came up with the project and taught the students how to make the pinch pot animal. Myself and other volunteers went around and helped each student create their creations.

Using air dry clay allowed us to shorten the cycle and keep the space clean. The projects dried over the weekend, then the students could paint their creations with acrylics. The air dry clay did not require water for joining parts, so it kept the mess to a minimum.

The students enjoyed themselves. We all enjoyed ourselves and it was a first step towards connecting our school with the Tumalo and Central Oregon community. We are looking forward to future collaborations with schools.

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