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about our school.

Tumalo School of Pottery and Craft (TSPC) is an art school started by Yvonne Tornatta.  She has been teaching in her 1600 square foot studio in beautiful Tumalo, Oregon since 2018.  Her goal has always been to create a collaborative teaching space serving Bend, Tumalo, Redmond, and Sisters. Pottery classes are structured to foster creativity and help you find your creative path.  The pottery studio provides a supportive environment for you to start your clay journey. Yvonne and the other artists teach the basics of pottery including wheel throwing, glazing, and firing ceramics. Special workshops cover alternative firings, mold making, and complex forms.  She looks forward to welcoming you into her studio.


featured class.

Monoprinting on Clay - Set of Small Plates
Monoprinting on Clay - Set of Small Plates
Nov 04, 2022, 6:00 PM


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